Are cricket betting sites safe?

Are cricket betting sites safe? Are cricket betting sites safe?

The sport of cricket is widely celebrated and adored, however, it is most importantly a source of great revenue. As a result of this, several online cricket betting sites have emerged while existing ones now support cricket betting.

Nevertheless, there remains an issue with security, with past experiences and the number of fraudulent activities on the net, leading many to question IPL betting sites. Are these cricket betting sites safe? Or are there even any legal betting sites in India? This article addresses several questions on the integrity of Indian cricket betting sites and more.

The need for safety in Online Cricket Betting Sites

Gone are the days when people needed to physically go to wager and check back for returns. Today, you can place a bet at your comfort without stepping a foot out of your home. This innovation began with making use of laptops to visit websites, now you can do it with your mobile phone. However, with the advancement in technology, also comes potential risks, and at the top of that list is frauds.

Today, there are tons of fraudulent websites, claiming to be legal betting sites in India, therefore swindling players as a result. In 2020 alone, millions were lost to such scams, therefore, further emphasizing the need to be careful and spot these sites early. Some of these sites sway players with unreal odds and bonuses/benefits like fronting to be one of the online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees, knowing fully well that many others only offer an interface in other currencies.

How to determine top cricket bookies in India

There are some factors to look out for in a site that can separate unsafe sites from the safe ones. Generally, safe online cricket betting sites betting sites only operate in countries where it is legal and regulated. Before full operation, these sites are required to check some boxes, and requirements to obtain a license. Here are the qualities necessary for an online betting site to pass as safe:

A valid gaming license

Any online cricket betting site in India that does not possess a valid gaming license issued by appropriate authorities is unsafe. This also applies to websites that used to have one but lost it. Losing a license means the website must have violated the authority 's rules. You can check the sites license from other commissions such as:

  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commission
  • Curacao Egaming

Currently, each state in India is allowed to have its own regulations,

Fast and reliable Payouts

The most apparent way to tell if an online cricket betting website is unsafe is to deposit money and never get it back. However, you shouldn 't learn of this by experience but should read the signs ahead. Many of these sites place impossible conditions on withdrawal, forcing customers to eventually forfeit their money. It could be in requesting unreasonable verification documents or including minimum withdrawal clauses which far outweighs your deposit.

Do well to go through the terms and conditions of the site to know what they require ahead of betting with them.

Also, the ideal duration for legal cricket betting sites in India should be a maximum of 3 to 5 business days for debit and credit cards withdrawals, and the same day for e-wallets. Anything longer than that smells fishy. A good thing to look out for is if the sites are interested in confirming your identity, as that shows that they care about security and are safe.

Secure and encrypted connection

You do not need to be an IT genius or web developer to tell a secure and encrypted connection site from the unsafe. As an online bettor, all you need to know is that you should look out for sites with "https://" at the beginning like this one. A good example is the bet365 official website. Always look out for that code, which is also indicated by a padlock sign appearing in front of the site domain name.

A site with this indicates that it runs an SSL encryption connection, making it virtually impossible for criminals and hackers to steal any personal or financial information from the site. In a nutshell, it is safe for you to use without worries.

Betting only from reputable software providers

The use of well-known legitimate software providers tells you that a website is safe to use. Some of these reputable providers include INORU, GammaStack, and many more. For you to confirm an online betting website safety, check with its software providers. A relatively unheard provider most likely rings unsafe, indicating that you should stay away. You can also check with their third-party verification during payouts.

Generally, safe online betting sites have no problem explaining how their software works and putting their rates out there, which you would find if you search well enough. Transparency is an indication that they are legitimate.

History of Bettors

A new site is a possible indication of being unsafe. Before you bet with them, ensure they have a solid database of players and bettors, as well as a track record of payouts over their duration of existence. If it has survived for a very long time, maybe decades, then it is safe to assume that it is secured.

However, there are new online betting sites entering the market on a daily basis, with some of them being safe, although they do not have a solid database or history. In such a situation, you can carry out a background check on the company and its management team. There is a chance they already run other sites, and therefore are safe. Otherwise, it is best to stick to sites with a history.

What are the risks associated with unsafe cricket betting sites?

Some risks associated with betting with unsafe sites are:

  • Identity theft
  • Monetary theft
  • Legal duping through placing loopholes in their terms and conditions

You can also be faced with exposure to viruses and malware as well as rigged games and odds.

Examples of safe cricket betting sites

Some examples of the safest and best cricket betting sites in India are:

  • BetUs
  • MyBookie
  • BetNow
  • Bovada
  • Betonline
  • Bet365
  • betway
  • 22bet
  • Casumo
  • Comeon
  • Rabona
  • Dafabet
  • LeoVegas
  • Shangri LA
  • Funbet
  • Betwinner
  • Melbet

While online cricket betting comes with a lot of potentials to earn, wagering with unsafe websites could see you lose your money and even more. Therefore, it is important that you tell apart safe from unsafe sites using the guide above, and abstain. To be on the safer side, you can just choose from any of the approved sites listed above, as they are tested and trusted.