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Do online casinos cheat?

Casinos are notorious for their dirty tricks that they use in robbing players. There are many individuals who can attest to the fact that casinos intentionally frustrate the efforts of gamblers to win when playing money games online. The reason for this act is that the money used in paying the players who win is generated from the money made from players who lost. One can understand why betting is very unappealing to some people. This type of action from casinos has led to the development of various myths about gambling in general. The rise of online gambling did very little to help erase these myths. The question now becomes, "do online casinos cheat?"

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How Do Casinos Cheat? 

To be able to ascertain if an online casino cheats, we have to first understand how regular or land-based casinos cheat. The actual idea behind house rules was to curb the cheating activities of players. Before now, card counting was a very common form of cheating amongst blackjack players. They used this technique to win big from casinos and run them down to bankruptcy. ​​​​​​Besides card counting, professional casino players also developed other strategies for winning big at casinos. The problem is not the fact that these strategies will help players win, but the fact that they put casinos at a huge disadvantage and loss.

To combat this issue, casinos had to develop a list of guidelines called "house rules." Indeed, these house rules are a set of rules or laws by which the casinos operated. It was not long before it got out of hand as casinos themselves began to abusively benefit from this feature. They set very strict house rules that simply stopped players from winning, no matter what. House rules became one of the means through which casinos cheated unsuspecting players. You can check out this site for more info.

Another means of cheating gamblers is the use of rigged games. These games are developed to make winning extremely difficult. As a matter of fact, there is a lure technique that casinos usually used. They place credible game machines at the entrance so that intending players can see the current players winning. This will encourage them to play at the available machines which are located in the middle. The unsuspecting player will not know that he lost because the game was designed to make him lose.

How an Indian Online Casino Ensures Credibility and Fairness

The advent of technology has brought about a lot of positive development to the online gambling industry. The latter had to operate with better practices. Online casinos are ensuring credible and fair gambling and this is how:

Transparent Processes

One thing that aided in the corrupt practices of casinos back then was the lack of adequate information open to the public. Casinos could easily hide an unfavorable terms or conditions and suddenly bring it up to put the player at a disadvantage and rob him of his winnings. With online casinos, that is no longer the case.

The terms and conditions are stated on their websites for everyone to see. No online casino can conveniently bring up a hidden condition and survive the backlash. Even the house rules do not really apply as tricks like card counting will not work here since the software reshuffles the cards after each hand.

Games With High RTP Value

The games the best online casinos in India offer are fair and create a level playing field. Gone are the days when the casinos were the ones who made the games and the rules. Today, the software development companies are responsible for developing the games as well as the rules for playing the games. They also state the return to player value for the games.

This value ensures that a percentage of the money wagered on a VLT or slot machine will pay back to players over time. All the online casino does is buy the game and use it. With knowledge of RTP, an online casino will be left with no choice but to use games with good RTP values or lose prospective players to the competition.

Proper Regulation

Online casino regulation is one of the strictest of all the forms of gambling. Many countries make it a compulsory criterion for websites to be hosted on their server. This makes it easier to regulate online casinos. Any defaulting casino will be removed from the server and their license withdrawn. Before an online casino is licensed in the first place, it has to meet the necessary criteria.

Best Online Casinos

Despite the credibility of gambling online, some online casinos still fall short of the requirements while others meet and even exceed them. Below are some of these online casinos worthy of being called the best online casino in India.

Royal Panda Casino

This casino offers over 2000 games to allow its players choose from a wide variety of options. It also has a live casino feature. It recently added 15 new games to its game collection.

888 Casino

Not many casinos offer a no deposit bonus to play and win at money games online. This casino does and publishes its payout rates for the various categories of games on its website.

Betway Casino

This is a worldwide name in betting. It is also the official sponsor of numerous sporting outfits. Betway Casino offers roulette, slots, table games, card games and live casinos.

Casumo Casino

Casumo offers a deposit bonus of $300 and 20 free spins. It has over 850 games and 37 jackpot games. Its games have an average RTP of more than 97%. It also has a live casino feature.

Dunder Casino

This casino has games developed by Netent and Microgaming. You get 100% of your first deposit. It has over 1700 games available for players to select from. The games include table games, video slots, etc. In addition, they accept digital payment gateways like Skrill and Neteller.

Leovegas Casino

This award-winning casino did not slow down since its birth in 2012. It has over 1,600 of the best slots and table games available to prospective players. PayPal and Neteller are some available payment options when using this online casino.

Rizk Casino

This casino offers games from Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Betsoft, Quickspin, NextGen, Play'n GO, Rabcat and Yggdrasil to ensure their players get the best gaming performance. Their 350 games collection also involves 3D games, Blackjack, Roulette, and Three Card Poker.